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The view from Arporador

Arporador is at the end of Ipanema beach in Rio and is marked by a large rock that pokes into the ocean. People gather in the evening to watch the sunset. This was the view yesterday.

I've sent a second manuscript – Delicious Delusion – to my editor. This one's the prequel to Leverage which she reviewed earlier in the year. She will start work on this one in late December, so I expect to hear from her in January.

By then, my goal is to have finished rewriting my third manuscript – Asymmetric. This one was my first attempt at writing a novel, and it's a mess. So far, I've reread the whole thing, summarized each chapter in three sentences, and am now re-plotting with a solid story structure. That's the intention anyway. I believe there's a good story in all that text, but it'll take some work to tease it out.

The three-sentence chapter summaries I did on my new writing software, Scrivener. I'm still learning the solution and have only scratched the surface of its many features, but when the time came to re-plot, I couldn't get it to work for me. So, I reverted to my trusty spreadsheet.

When I've fleshed out the storyline and planned the writing in as much detail as I can, I'll go back to Scrivener and write the next draft there.

Are there any Scrivener users out there? Maybe we could exchange a few tips.

I still haven't heard back from the beta readers who have Leverage. Getting anxious.

Happy writing,


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