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I've got an editor!

Got some fantastic news today: Debi Alper has agreed to be my editor! I was ecstatic to read her email this morning and feel like a major piece of the writing puzzle has fit into place.

As you might guess, an editor of her caliber is in high demand, and she's booked through September. But what's a couple of months? It's well worth the wait. She was an outstanding teacher in the Jericho Writers Self-editing course earlier this year, and I formed a strong bond with her. She's cheerful, encouraging, supportive, and her editing chops are second to none. I'm excited to have her turn loose all that expertise on my complete manuscript. Wow!

In the meantime, I've got two other WIPs to work on. My goal is to self-edit each of those and finish up by the time Debi starts work on the third (which I just finished self-editing). Say four to five weeks for each one.

What happens after that? Still undecided between submitting to digital publishers and self-publishing. The more I read and study 'bout self-publishing, the more I'm drawn in. Others have blazed that trail and 're happy to show you the way, through books and courses and whatnot. All you have to do is copy them.

But digital publishers are really cool too. Ebooks are definitely the future, and they pay +- 45% royalties and have tons more marketing savvy than little ol' me.

Anyway, there's time to think on that.

Till next time!

Keep writin'


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